Unique, Hand-Crafted, Quality, Slime

After months of telling Samantha no she could not have slime, I (Jessica her mom) finally caved and let her buy supplies. She started making slime right away and has been making slime ever since. She decided to open up an Etsy account, and the rest is history. Samantha is the #1 slime seller on Etsy and #1 in Toys and Games in the USA and the world. Samantha has been featured in the Dallas Morning News and many other publications, Inside Edition, and on the Kim Komando Show on Bloomberg. We are passionate about what we do and if things are not perfect when we make slime, we will throw it out and start over. We always strive to be affordable, and produce high quality hand-crafted slime for you or your children to enjoy! Happy Slime-ing!